When you receive an Email in RedHorse, RedHorse looks at the Sender’s Email Addresses and searches your database to see if the Contact exists with that Email Addres. If RedHorse finds a match, it will automatically link the incoming Email to the appropriate Contact Record.

You can see this when you are reading the Email… in the lower left hand corner of the Email it will say “Linked to: Person’s Name (person’s email address).

If RedHorse does not find the Contact in your database by Email Address, it will show as “Not Linked”. With Version 7.8, you now have a new button in the Email Window… the Import Button. This enables you to toggle on the Import Pane, which will show up on the right hand side of your Email message. From there you can highlight the Text in the Email and then click the Field where it should go. Such as Highlighting the Company Name and then clicking on the Company Field. Most Emails have really good contact information at the button or in the Signature. The Import Pane gives you a quick way to build out the Contact Record with all this good information.

When you are done mapping all the fields, click on Create…. RedHorse will then open the New Contact Window (which, by the way, can be customized) to enable you to put the finishing touches on the new Contact Record.

Once you create the Contact, RedHorse will fill in the blanks, create the Contact Record and link the incoming Email and your Reply to the newly created Contact. All future Emails to and from that Contact will now be automatically linked.

For assistance and/or additional training on how you can use this feature, just give us a text or create a Support Ticket… we would love to help!